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“I first met Chelsea beside the fireplace at a poetry retreat. She was hanging out with another poet and they were reading drafts to each other and commenting. I longed to have a poetry buddy like that. And now I do. I send almost everything I write to Chelsea. Sometimes a poem sent by email, which she edits and sends back, usually within a couple of days, sometimes hours. I have sent her fat, heavy envelopes with manuscripts or transcripts, which she goes through meticulously and annotates with post-it notes. To have her as an editor is to have an ever-present fireplace, an every present companion on this journey of finding my voice. Her editing eye is accurate, her suggestions insightful and worthwhile. Send her your stuff. She’ll send it back better. And when it’s finally ready to submit, she’ll help you with that, too.”

–Michelle Poirier Brown

Poet, www.skyblanket.ca

“I have known Chelsea for many years within the poetry community, and have had the honour of reading alongside her, hosting her, and knowing her personally. Her innate talent never fails to amaze me, and her work only becomes more powerful with time. As the president of Burnaby Writers’ Society, I invited Chelsea to facilitate an editing workshop for our members in 2016, and she passed on so much knowledge from what she had learned from her mentors who had shaped her work. The feedback for the workshop was extremely positive, and for me personally, it has had a significant impact in all facets of my writing to this day.”

–Lara Varesi

President, Burnaby Writers Association

“Chelsea has a profound gift for creating a view of the world which is unique and beautiful while examining personal and world issues which affect us all. Her work continues to mature and grow and as she grows we do as well. Her ability to see the world as it is and as it could be, lifts the reader out of the mundane and gives us hope, that there is a possibility for beauty and change. Her keen eye for the written word makes her an exceptional editor as well.”

–Bonnie Nish MA, Arts Education

Executive Director  
Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society